Pusser’s Receives High Mark

Pusser's Rum - Is there any other choice?

Bill’s Booze Critique Blog Reviews Pusser’s Rum and Gives Highest Mark

As an avid blogger and critic, Bill takes time to review various Rums, including Pusser’s – which received his highest mark. Of course, this is no mystery to us, but we enjoyed his writing style so much that we wanted to share it with our fans. Here is an excerpt:

Pusser’s is a hell of a rum. Someone can open a bottle of Pusser’s on the other side of the room, and you’ll smell it in seconds. If you want to feel like a gentleman pirate, this is what you should drink. It’ll put hair on your chest and a cutlass in your hand. This rum is rich and complex. Despite it’s very interesting claim to fame of being distilled out of wooden barrels (don’t ask me how), this rum is not overly oaky. There isn’t huge amounts of vanilla or walnut or chocolate. But there is something incomparably woody and musky about its aroma. This nose is just so complex, someone with a better sniffer than me would have to tease it apart, but it is very aromatic, and phenolic. Pusser’s has an almost scotch-like taste, like a Speyside malt, and then a long finish; tart, dry and tangy with saltanas and raisins, molasses and a hint of vanilla. If you’ve ever tried “dark” rums (i.e. Jamaican, Navy, or Virgin Islands etc) but felt they were a bit rough or unrefined but still had something you like, you have got to go and buy a bottle of Pusser’s right now.

Read the full version of the article here: Pusser’s Rum Review: Bill’s Booze

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