Caribbean Restaurant Concepts


Caribbean Restaurant Concepts was incorporated early 2005 in Nevada and conducts business under the tradename “Pusser’s.” It operates and licenses Caribbean-themed restaurants, bars, and specialty retail stores in the United States, United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, with affiliates in the British Virgin Islands and Germany. The company’s administrative offices are located in Charleston, SC.

The Company currently operates one location in the United States. “Pusser’s Landing” and “Pusser’s Company Store” in Annapolis, Maryland are precursors of the “Caribbean Grille” concept, a full service restaurant, bar, banquet facility and retail store. The restaurant, opened in 1994, is the first flagship U.S. unit where sales have grown from $1.6 million to $7.5 million.

Pusser’s Caribbean Grilles offer food, drink and retail in one concept, combining a restaurant, bar with a tropical and nautical Company store usually under the same roof. Building configurations conform to their surroundings, varying in size from 4,000 to 7,000 square feet for the restaurants and 500 to 2,000 square feet for the retail stores, but all offer customers “A Taste of the Real Caribbean.” The restaurants offer high quality, moderately priced (average check is $16-28) Caribbean food and drink, emphasizing fresh seafood, Pusser’s Island Grill menu, and a colorful selection of tropical rum drinks, including the infamous Pusser’s Painkiller, renowned in the Caribbean for its potency. Each Caribbean Grille supplements its menu with award-winning regional entrée favorites.

Pusser’s Caribbean Grilles are well positioned to take advantage of the growing interest in Caribbean-themed food, beverage and retail products.

U.S. Growth Strategy

Caribbean food and beverage over the past three or four years has proven to be the most exciting new segment in the U.S. casual dining market. The cuisine is a medley of brilliant colors, bold flavors and lush presentations, a combination of European, African, Indian and Chinese. The result is a cuisine with a big, assertive personality; healthy, flavorful and pleasurable. Its colorful roots make it possible to offer food that is varied and exciting. As diners become more sophisticated, they look to broaden their culinary experience. The broad base and many variations of Caribbean food and drink make it endlessly interesting and allow longevity to this newly developing category. The same is true for Caribbean apparel, travel and the lifestyle that the word Caribbean conjures as the attraction to things Caribbean continues to move strongly upward as it has over the past five or more years.

In the United States, Caribbean Restaurant Concept’s growth will come from the execution of three major strategies: Pusser’s Caribbean Grilles in “A” locations which have significant vehicle, foot or marine traffic; sales of licenses to qualified, well financed operators; and from the expansion of Pusser’s Caribbean Grilles into up-market hotels and resorts. Geographically, the initial development of the Company-owned restaurants will focus on the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. where the Company presently operates its coastal restaurant. The locations of the hotel units will be more widely ranging.

For information on the growth potential of Pusser’s Caribbean Grille restaurants, please visit our Franchising Opportunities portion of this website.